Joseph Rehmann

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Joe  was born in Egypt and has lived in or worked on five continents. His  passion is sustainable development and creating new ways where business  can support the development of communities and the restoration of nature  and wild areas. After five years in banking and private equity, he  discovered fish farming in Ghana where he was CFO of Tropo Farms.

The  development potential to build a business that employs thousands of  Africans and feeds many millions of Africans became clear, and Joe  decided to launch Victory Farms in Kenya in 2015 with the aim of being  the world’s most sustainable fish farm. He completed his MBA from INSEAD  and BA from the University of Notre Dame.

Steve Moran

Co-Founder & Chief Aquaculture Officer

Steve  Moran is an industry pioneer in african aquaculture, and  co-launched Victory Farms. Over a period of 7 years he led the growth of  Tropo Frams in Ghana from under 250MT p.a. to more than 6,100MT as its  General Manager.

He  has extensive aquaculture experience throughout Africa and globally. It  is Steve's professional aspiration to find himself at the forefront of  African aquaculture, developing appropriate technologies and catalyzing  the industry on the continent through the successful development of  large-scale commercial fish farms. By demonstrating the potential for  aquaculture on the continent it is Steve’s dream to see the industry  contribute significantly towards food security and help alleviate rural  poverty. He has an MSc with distinction from Kings College, London.

Lenka Afaedor

Chief Financial Officer

Lenka joined Victory Farms as CFO in December 2020. Originally from the Czech Republic, Lenka has worked in Europe and in West Africa over past 16 years in various financial and audit positions. Lenka brings extensive experience across industries including quick service restaurants, real estate, and banking where she has overseen corporate finance functions, audit functions, participated in IFRS advisory projects and administration functions. Lenka is certified accountant and currently manages apart from Finance department also HR, IT, Procurement and Admin team within Victory Farms.

Caesar Asiyo

Chief Partnership Officer

Mr. Caesar Asiyo has been appointed Chief Partnership Officer at Victory Farms with effect from 1st November 2020. Reporting directly to the CEO.

Mr. Asiyo hails from Karachuonyo in Homabay county.

He brings on board private sector experience in operations & administration, public sector experience in high level government coordination, non-governmental sector experience in human rights advocacy, and senior level political party management.

His other interests include Environmental Conservation, Youth Empowerment, & Food Security.

Amit Grabovski

Commercial Director

Amit  is an Israeli who has lived and worked in Australia, Asia, Middle East -  and now Kenya since 2015. He has over 10 years of deep experience in  operations, supply chain and business development across a wide range of  retail industries, including telecoms, business services and automotive  parts.

He  brings sector knowledge within the food service industry, and launched  his own catering services company in Israel and headed procurement and  operations for a high-end restaurant chain in Kenya. With this  background, he understands the service and quality levels required by  Victory Farms’ customers. Since moving to Kenya, Amit has become  increasingly involved in social impact work, and with his former  employers, has spearheaded CSR programs such as tire playgrounds.

He  is passionate about Victory Farms’ potential to create a positive  impact by offering Kenyans a low-cost source of tasty protein, creating  employment, and supporting the small businesses which retail Victory  Farms’ fish.

Kamran Ahmad

Director of Expansion

Kamran  is a British and German citizen whose father and grandfather both lived  and worked in Kenya. He brings with him a diverse set of experiences,  having worked across the globe as a field engineer in offshore oil and  gas exploration with Shell and Schlumberger, in software sales with  Salesforce, and most recently in operations for one of Amazon’s largest  fulfillment centers.

While  completing his MBA, Kamran was struck by the enormous potential of  aquaculture to provide food security to the African continent and felt  compelled to contribute to the space. He holds MScs from Imperial  College London and Oxford University, and an MBA from Stanford  University.

Sarah Benhamo

Deputy Commercial Director

Sarah brings over 10 years of experience in  sales/marketing and brand management, with a focus in the hospitality  sector. She has worked with some of Kenya’s leading brands including  Artcaffe and Caramel Restaurant, and is particularly strong at staff  development, innovative strategic problem solving, customer insight and  market development. Her passion is to build a well-motivated sales team  with the capabilities and expertise to implement Victory Farms’ goals.  She received international training in business development in Dubai,  with focus on sales performance and strategic marketing.

Scott Day

Farm Manager

Scott  was born and raised on a farm in South Africa. He has travelled  extensively, with his heart remaining deeply rooted in Africa. His  passion for fish and agriculture started at a young age, and he brings  broad knowledge in commercial agriculture having grown up in the  industry.

He  sees great opportunity for aquaculture in leading the food security  drive on the continent, and believes in a holistic business approach  that preserves the integrity of natural environments. Scott holds an MSc  in Aquaculture from Stellenbosch University.

Michael Ouya

Lake Aquaculture Manager

Michael  was born in Kenya and has lived and worked across 3 continents. He  discovered his passion for agriculture while completing his BSc in  Biology at the University of Bristol, and began his career farming  flowers for export to the EU.

After  a brief stint working in Chile, he honed in on aquaculture, completing  his MSc at the acclaimed Institute of Aquaculture, Stirling, with a  focus on the potential applications of prophylactic probiotic health  products as a component of Kenyan tilapia farmers’ fish health  management. In the long term, he aims to make a meaningful contribution  to ensuring Kenyan food security through aquaculture.

Olga Odera

Executive Assistant

Olga  was born in Nairobi and has lived and worked in Nairobi Kenya and UAE.  After 13 years of working with multinational manufacturing companies in  different posts namely, Administration, Procurement and Logistics,  Imports from Europe, Asia and Africa and Exports to Africa, she decided  to venture into fish farming industry, something she has enjoyed doing  with a passion ever since she joined Victory Farms.

Olga  has exceptional organizational skills while overseeing both smaller and  larger administrative teams. She’s focused on ensuring efficient office  operations through effective management methods. She has a Diploma in  Purchasing and Supplies Management from Kenya Institute of Management  and a Diploma in Administration and Secretarial Studies from Blanes  College.

Linda Bonah-Yeboah

Hatchery Manager

Linda  Bonah-Yeboah hails from Ghana, and is one of the finest hatchery  specialists in the region. Prior to Victory Farms, Linda worked with  Tropo Farm as a Hatchery Manager in Ghana, where she excelled at  attaining top results in fingerling production. Her interest in  aquaculture dates back to her studies into tilapia and catfish breeding  programs with CSIR-ARDEC in Ghana.

Linda  is one of the few senior female hatchery specialists on the continent,  and has played a great role in propelling Victory Farms to its position  as the fastest growing fish farm in sub-Saharan Africa. For her, it is a  dream come true to drive aquaculture industrialization in Africa in a  way that brings about positive impacts on peoples' livelihoods. Linda  holds a BSc in Biological Sciences and a MS in Fisheries and Aquatic  Sciences from the University of Cape Coast Ghana.

Christine Anyango

Human Resources Manager

Christine is a Kenyan citizen  who brings 15 years of experience in HR management, administration and  finance to the team. She has worked in Kenya and Uganda in industries as  varied as horticulture, aviation, security and entertainment, and is  now excited to add aquaculture as an area of expertise.

She  brings a high level of professionalism and terrific energy to every  situation, and has grown the Victory Farms team from a small company to  over 100 employees. She holds a Diploma in Business Administration from  the Kenya Institute of Management, and is currently pursuing a degree in  Management & Leadership (HR) at the Management University of  Africa.

Karamuta Kirimi

Manager, Corporate Affairs

Karamuta has an extensive background in  business operations, having worked in several multinationals as well as  start ups in the region in diverse industries from Tech to Healthcare. 
Having joined Victory Farms, initially in the Operations Team, she is  excited about the opportunities in sustainable development and  especially aquaculture in Africa.
As a licensed advocate, she brings on expertise with a focus on  corporate governance and compliance within the industry as well as key  partner relations at Victory Farms.