Company Overview

Victory Farms is sub-Saharan Africa’s fastest growing fish farm. The company’s founders, Joe and Steve, put their first cages in the water, with the help of the talented people of Homa Bay County, in 2016. Just 3.5 years later, Victory Farms, based in rural Roo, Homa Bay, Kenya, is already the largest producer of fish in East Africa. 
Victory Farms’ mission is to build a commercial tilapia farm that can feed 2 billion Africans with affordable, accessible and healthy protein over the next 2 decades. The company aims to do so while also working toward becoming the most sustainable fish farm on the planet.
The company was started against the backdrop of rapidly declining wild fish catch in Lake Victoria. Estimates show a 95% decline in nile perch and tilapia catch over the last 50 years. Yet, rising populations with increasing wealth continue to demand more protein. At the same, undernourishment remains a major issue in Kenya. The current and unsustainable option is to import fish, which can often be two years old by the time it is consumed.
Victory Farms and its innovative technologies bring together the best aquaculture practices from around the globe to tackle this challenge. As a result, today, we sell more than 10 metric tonnes of healthy and fresh tilapia into low-income Kenyan neighborhoods daily. By early 2021, we are on track to sell 30 metric tonnes of fish per day, the equivalent of more than 20 million high protein meals per year.
Our customers are the hundreds of market women who buy our fish in small batches each day from our 22 (and growing) Nairobi branches. They then flavor and fry the fish for their own customers, making a healthy profit, which has enabled many ladies to expand their micro businesses. Thanks to Victory Farms’ cold chain, our fish go from lake to plate within 48 hours. And since we do not use antibiotics or harsh chemicals, our fish is healthy and nutritious.
None of this could be possible without Victory Farms’ 350 and growing full-time employees. We are proud to call our staff Kenya’s best aquaculturalists and we have and continue to invest heavily in their technical and management skills, especially as aquaculture is a brand-new industry for Kenya. 65% of our farm employees are youth and we look forward to them growing into leadership roles at the company.
Victory Farms also takes extensive measures to protect and restore the ecosystem in which our farm operates. All operational decisions are made with the environment in mind and with the plan of becoming the world’s first carbon negative fish farm. That is why we are working to install solar power at our farm while simultaneously planting hundreds of indigenous trees in the area (our goal is 1 million).
We thank the community where we operate, the County of Homa Bay and the Kenyan National Government for the opportunity to work hand in hand. We continue to be inspired by President Kenyatta’s Big 4 Agenda and what can be achieved by working together with all stakeholders.